Perm and Spa Tub

Woman with permed hair in a spa
Photo: Pop Paul-Catalin/Shutterstock
Q: How soon following a perm can one get hair wet in a spa tub?
A: Well, any perm service that is properly performed and neutralized will be completely stable and the hair will be safe to get wet.
However, because of the fact that most people's hair is left with an elevated cuticle layer (and therefore is more porous than normal) most salons recommend waiting at least 48 hours before getting the hair wet in order to allow the hair to normalize before exposing it to possible moisture stripping processes.
As long as your hair looks and feels healthy after your perm process, you should be safe to get it wet in a spa tub after the normal 48-hour waiting period. Of course, this assumes that the spa tub's water is clean and pH balanced. Be aware of what is in the water of the spa tub as high-chlorine levels and high-mineral content of the spa waters can have an adverse affect on the hair.
In most cases the problem could be as simple as drying the hair out more severely than pure water would. However, in the case of some mineral spas, the hair can absorb and retain metallic salts that can adversely react with any future chemical services - both in regard to perms and hair color.
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