Spiral Perm & Piggyback How To

Perm rods
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Q: How do you wrap long hair for a spiral perm with standard rods? Please describe how to do a piggy back from one rod to next.
A: Wrapping the hair for a spiral perm requires wrapping the hair segment on the rod at an angle so that the subsequent turns of the hair around the rod only partially overlap.
This is most easily achieved when you have tools long enough to wrap the length of the hair continuously on one tool. When such tools are unavailable, you can perform the same function by performing what is called a "piggy-back wrap".
In this case, the hair is segmented, and the segment is wrapped around a perm rod at an angle starting at the scalp. The segments are wrapped so that they partially overlap. Once the segment fills the rod, the first rod is secured and the remainder of the hair is left to hang.
The remainder of the hair segment is then wrapped on a second rod as you would normally wrap the hair for a spiral perm (angled so that the hair segment slightly overlaps itself with each turn of the rod).
The piggyback wrap takes longer to perform, and requires some practice, but allows you to work with longer lengths of hair without specialized tools. As with any perm wrap, be sure to maintain even tension on the hair as it is being wrapped to ensure even results in the finished curls.
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