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Body Wave & Frizzy Hair

Q: I just got a body wave and I accidently washed my hair 2 days after. Now the curls are gone and my hair is really frizzy. I don't know what to do to get the curls back without the frizz. My hair is long and used to be silky. I tried using some kind of deep moisturizing treatment that's supposed to reduce the frizz on smooth silky hair but I'm afraid that's what took out the curls. What should I do and use? Thanks.
A: Nothing that you’ve told me gives me any reason to believe that you have “removed” the “curl” given by the body wave. Body waves are simply perms that are performed using large rods to add texture to the hair. They are usually performed on fine hair, or hair that is very straight and lies very flat to add a little volume. They’re also great for hair that is hard to style because it won’t hold a style well.
Because it is a perm, you face the same after-effects associated with perming. The permed hair tends to be more porous due to the lifting of the cuticle layer by the perming chemicals. This is what makes conditioning the hair after perming so important. Your use of the deep conditioner was a step in the right direction. Conditioners, particularly those containing fruit acids and having a low-pH level, help to smooth down the cuticle layer, locking in moisture and helping the hair appear shinier and less frizzed.
My guess (based on the description of your hair’s reactions) is that your hair is naturally fine in texture, and when you shampooed the hair you inadvertently released a lot of the moisture by reopening the cuticle layer to some degree. This resulted in the frizziness you describe, but didn’t really “remove” the curl (the frizziest looking hair looks that way because there is frizz on top of wave causing the individual strands of hair to move in random directions counter to one another). And the reason the deep conditioner seems to have “removed” the curl, is because the heavy conditioning agents in it weigh the hair down and gravity causes the curl to hang straighter.
Here’s my suggestion to remedy the situation. Avoid more deep conditioners for the present time. Get yourself a shampoo and conditioner formulated for “smooth and sleek” hair (it works for straight and curly hair both) and use the shampoo when the hair is soiled, but condition every day. After using these products (whether one or both) towel dry the hair (squeeze the excess water from the hair with the towel, but NEVER rub) and apply a leave-in conditioner (spray formulas work well) and an anti-frizz serum. Work both of these products through the hair in turn as they are applied using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.
Whenever possible, allow the hair to air-dry. When this isn’t possible, use your blow dryer on the lowest settings for heat and air flow speed and with the diffuser attachment. As your hair reaches it’s proper moisture balance, you should see the curl you wanted return, and your hair will look much healthier, smoother and shinier. (This may take a week or longer.) Avoid any styling products containing alcohol as an ingredient, and use only as much styling product as needed to hold the style you want.
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