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Time Before Re-Perming Hair

Q: Hello, I was wondering, how long should you wait until you get another hair perm? Thanks.
A: This depends on what you want to achieve. If you are trying to alter the results of a perm that didn't turn out the way you had intended, it is generally suggested that you wait 1-2 weeks before re-perming the hair. This allows the hair ample time to normalize, and for you to recondition and moisturize the hair before subjecting it to another harsh chemical process. The hair can be re-permed sooner, if it is in very good condition, but that is a determination best made by a licensed cosmetologist.
However, if you are simply looking to re-perm the hair to maintain your hairstyle, you generally want to wait six to ten weeks, depending on how well your hair has held the curl from the previous perm. In some cases, the hair holds the curl so well that it becomes necessary to re-perm the hair, not because the curl has been lost, but because the new hair growth is obviously of a different wave pattern.
As always, be very sure that your hair is in good condition before re-perming. You may need to have deep-conditioning treatments for a few weeks prior to the re-perming in order to prevent potential damage to hair that is overly dry or porous. You should also make sure that the stylist performs a strand test, to make sure the hair can withstand the perming process.
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