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Eyelash Perming & Eyelash Curler

Q: How does eyelash perming work and is it safe? Is it expensive and how long does it last? What are possible cheaper alternatives to get my lashes curled without a perm?
A: Eyelash perming works on the same principle as traditional perms, and uses much of the same chemicals, although ostensibly in a much safer solution given the location it is being applied to. As to the safety of eyelash perming, I can only say that if you are considering having such a process done, you NEED to find a very experienced operator who can offer you references from other clients who've had it done by him or her. If you look through the web you'll find both positive and negative reviews on the process, and many of the negatives are real horror stories.
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My personal stance is that I wouldn't recommend any process that requires applying such strong chemicals so close to the eyes, which are such a vital organ. The bottom line is that it is your choice, and as an adult you can make your own decision. I just encourage you to make it an informed one.
There is a way to curl the lashes without perming, and that is using a traditional eyelash curler. If you cannot find one in your local department stores, you can easily find one online. They use a metal shaper and rubberized bumper that you place against the eyelid so that the lashed rest in between the moving parts, then squeezing the trigger causes the two parts to come together and reshape the lash by pulling it taut into a curved shape. By performing this action immediately after applying a volumizing mascara, you can create the look of fuller, curly lashes.
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