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Perm Success

Q: I just got a medium perm yesterday evening, and it looks like one side is straightening a little; but I'm not sure if the whole thing is going to fall out. How long would it be before you know if a perm will take or fall out?
A: When properly processed, a permanent wave service should be as stable as your natural wave pattern. This means that once you've waited the recommended period and had the opportunity to shampoo and restyle your hair, you will see fully the extent of your hair's perm success. That being said, there are usually signs to be seen if the hair has been permed unsuccessfully.
However, you should bear in mind that one side effect of the perm process is that the hair can be left more porous than it previously was. This means that the hair will lose moisture more rapidly and can become drier and feel rougher. This can also mean that the curl could appear to fall.
Before you assume that the perm didn't take, be sure to use a good, deep-conditioning treatment. Once you restore the moisture balance to your hair, you should see the curl come back to life. However, if you have moisturized your hair - and IF you have followed your stylist's instructions fully - and you still feel dissatisfied with your perm results, you should return to the stylist and discuss the option open to you.
Most stylists and salons will be more than willing to do their best to ensure you are happy with your service and results. Remember, the way you look reflects on them, and they know it.
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