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Time Between Perms

Q: I got a perm a few days ago. I've had them in the past and always ended up looking like a poodle. I asked my stylist to use big rollers. She was afraid that my hair would not hold the curl and used medium rods. I now look like a poodle again. I still would like the perm that I asked for. How long do I have to wait to get it redone and will it look horrible over the perm that I have now? Please help me get the hair that I desire.
A: Well, most salons require a minimum of one and sometimes two weeks between chemical services, to prevent over-taxing the hair with too-frequent perms and color services. However, provided that your hair is in good condition and not showing signs of damage or over-processing, you should be able to go wait a week and have your hair re-permed using the proper size of rods for the size of curl you desire.
Properly executed, a perm service leaves the hair as stable as naturally curly hair. The process can be harsh on many hair types and leaves the hair more porous than natural, virgin hair would be. Because of this, you should spend the week between perms to give your hair daily conditioning treatments and even a deep conditioning or hot oil treatment as well.
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