Section off Hair for a Spiral Perm

Sectioning hair for a perm
Photo: Roman Kosolapov/Shutterstock
Q: How do you section off the hair for a spiral perm? Also, I am using regular perm rods, so what would be the best way to use them?
A: Sectioning the hair for a spiral perm is basically the same as sectioning for any other perm service. The difference is in the area of the head where you start wrapping the perm.
Since the spiral-wrapped rods will by necessity hang down, the hair has to be wrapped starting at the bottom hairline and work your way up along the scalp. That way the hair that is already wrapped on rods won't interfere with the hair waiting to be wrapped. The sections are let down in portions and are wrapped accordingly.
Do keep in mind that sometimes it is easier to section the hair in non-traditional patterns in order to create areas of "movement" in the hair. This is true of not only spiral perm wraps, but of standard wrapping techniques as well.
As for the use of regular perm rods to perform a spiral wrap, I can only suggest that you simply wrap the hair on the rods at the slanted angle necessary for creating the spiral wraps.
Depending on the length of the hair to be wrapped and permed, you may need to employ a "piggy-back" method, where part of the hair is wrapped around one tool until said tool is full and the remainder of the hair is wrapped on a second tool until the wrap is finished.
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