Hair Coloring Problems Q&A (2)

Hair dyeing tools
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How can I remove bleach from my fingertips?
How can I remove the yellowing from my blonde hair?
How can I speed up the lightening of my hair color?
How can I tell the base color of a hair coloring product?
How can I stop semi permanent colors from staining the rest of blond hair?
How do I fix blue hair from too much drabber?
How do I go about switching over to box coloring?
How do I lighten my hair myself, so I can get to a Reese Witherspoon blonde?
How do I stop my pink streaks from bleeding into the blonde?
How do you know when to remove bleach?
How long should I wait before bleaching my Asian hair blond again?
How should I use peroxide to remove remnants of wash in wash out hair color?
How soon can I put a rinse in my bleached African-American hair?
I am having burning sensation and pain on my scalp when I color my hair.
I attempted to bleach my own hair, and it went wrong. Can I dye it to get my original color back?
I colored my blonde hair, and I hate it. How can I get back to my natural color?
I had my hair pulled through a cap, but the bleach did not go to the root.
I had to choose a new colorist and since then I had a run of hair color disasters.
I hate the ugly re-growth. Is there a way to get back to my natural hair color fast?
I have allowed my daughter to color her hair. I hope we haven't screwed it up.
I have in between blonde hair and brown hair. Can I dye my hair black?
I have problems with my home bleached hair.
I have problems with shedding of my red hair color and darker colors fade rapidly.
I have recently had my hair dyed, and I am going swimming. Will it affect the dye?
I have short white hair with a pink tinge. How can I get it back to white?
I left hair bleach on my head for too long and now I don't feel well. What happened?
I'm considering coloring my hair, but I don't know what type of color to choose.
I made a mistake and used box dye and now I can't get the blonde back.
I messed up my hair color. How can I repair it?
I need to color my brown hair black temporary for a play. Any suggestions?
I need to remove unwanted hair color urgently. Please help!
Is it ok to color hair after a cellophane hair treatment?
Is it ok to color hair after an all clear of cancer has been given?
Is it possible that two brands of high-end hair dyes will result in the same shade?
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