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White Hair with Pink Tinge

Q: I have very short white hair that has a pink tinge to it. How can I get my hair back to white?
A: That depends. If the pink tinge is caused by some environmental factor, you need to address that issue and remove that factor from affecting your hair. Perhaps using a clarifying shampoo, or a blueing shampoo, like Clairol's Shimmer Lights, will help. These shampoos are designed to remove residue and deposits from the hair, or to brighten and whiten gray or unpigmented hair.
I must say that I have to assume you are either referring to pigmentless gray hair, since there is no true "white" hair color. Even those who suffer from albinism actually have very pale yellow hair. If your hair color is naturally occurring and you are getting the pink tinge as a natural phenomenon, then perhaps there is something in your diet causing the issue. I do know that some supplements can cause a discoloration in areas of the body. Identifying the possible causes and looking for alternatives can help.
If the color is a result of hair coloring attempts, then the result is simply a matter of color correction. (This can also work for the other causes, but only after you identify that the cause is benign.) Using a very light haircolor formula with a drab base color (usually base color green or listed as "drab") will counter the pinkness of the hair, and bring the color back in line with a more natural shade.
Your best course of action, unless you are comfortable playing around with your own hair color, is to visit a reputable salon and speak with a stylist about what can be done to restore the brightness of your hair. If you opt for working with your own hair color, try looking for Revlon's FanciTone line of colors in Ultra White Minx.
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