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Overuse of Coloring Agent

Q: How do I fix blue hair from too much drabber? I used the Wella drabber in with toner and developer 30. I have bleached blonde hair for years now, but after the removal of L'Oréal's drabber I tried the Wella for the first time and I have streaks of blue where it got onto some of the full strands. Please help!
A: Well, with any color correction, you have to select a color to neutralize the unwanted tones. Since your problem is an overuse of a coloring agent that is blue, you need a coloring agent that has an orange base color to counter the blue tones. Blue is the opposite of orange on the color wheel and each will neutralize the other color.
Visit your local beauty supply shop and look for a hair color formula that is approximately the same shade as your current color, or a little lighter, but has an orange base color. You'll want to combine it with equal parts of 10-volume peroxide developer. Use half the color (one ounce) and one ounce of the developer, and combine these with an ounce of your favorite conditioner. Apply this all over the hair, starting with the areas where the hair is blue from the drabber.
Allow this to process for 15 minutes then rinse the hair and shampoo to remove the color mixture. Dry the hair fully and examine the results. If you need it, you can do a second application. If not, the remainder can be saved for future needs. Store the unused portions in a cool, dark, dry place.
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