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Remove Yellowing

Q: When I was younger I had really blonde hair, but it’s in my genes for it to turn brown and to my dismay this year it went darker. So, I tried a product called ‘Sun-In’. At first it went kind of orange so I used it again. Now my hair is an odd straw-yellow color and I’m not particularly fond of it. Is their a product I can use that will take the yellowness out or will I have to dye it to make it normal colored?
A: Well, there are anti-yellowing products designed for use on blonde hair to remove brassiness. My initial suggestion is to have you use something like “Shimmer Lights” or “Golden Lights” for blonde hair types. These are made by Clairol and are available online.
If these products aren’t sufficient to remove the yellowing in your hair, you may need to use a blonde hair color that has a violet base color in it. Be sure to select a color that is slightly lighter than your current shade and use a 10-volume peroxide developer to prevent lightening the hair any further. The violet base of the color will counteract the yellow currently in the hair and leave the hair a more neutral (normal) color of blonde.
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