Bleeding Hair Color

Blonde hair with pink streaks
Photo: LightField Studios/Shutterstock
Q: After dying hair blonde and adding pink streaks, how do I stop the pink from bleeding into the blonde after a day or two of washing? Is there a product that will lock in different colors?
A: The process of bleaching and lightening the hair always causes the cuticle layer to be raised which leaves the hair porous and prone to color bleed and fading. There are conditioning products available for after-color use to help smooth the cuticle and seal in the color that has been applied.
I can also recommend that you use a clear color-gloss product to help seal in the color applied. The product works in the same way a deposit-only color works except that it adds colorless glossing agents to the hair which help to seal the hair and make it extremely shiny. This should help to seal in the color you have applied and make the hair less porous.
You may need to make sure to isolate the colored hair and clean up any color bleed before you apply the clear gloss product otherwise, you may end up sealing in the bleed as well.
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