Swimming with Dyed Hair

Woman who is swimming and wearing a swim cap
Photo: New Africa/Shutterstock
Q: I have recently had my hair dyed, and I am going swimming. Will it affect the dye in my hair?
A: It is very possible, depending on the amount of chlorine in the pool's water, the amount of sun exposure you will undergo and the condition of your hair at present.
Particularly if your new color is a brighter or bolder color or has a blue base color, you could experience fading of the color, and possibly green tints caused by the effect of the chlorine bleaching on the blue-based hair color.
When speaking of the condition of the hair, it should be noted that many color processes can leave the hair more porous than initially it was. This can increase the effect of chlorine on the hair, as well as cause the hair to dry out more quickly and become damaged and brittle.
If you are going to swim regularly after a color service, you may want to invest in a swim cap, otherwise, take a bottle of cream rinse conditioner with you and apply it to the hair before swimming and allow it to dry on the hair. Repeat the application regularly as it rinses out, to maintain a barrier to protect the hair.
After swimming is finished, rinse the hair thoroughly with clean clear water and apply the conditioner, allow it to sit for the normal time and rinse it from the hair. Avoid blow-drying if possible and simply allow the hair to dry naturally to make sure the hair is stays healthy.
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