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How to Remove Bleach

Q: I bleached my hair and now my fingertips are all white with bleach. How do I remove it? Please help me. Thanks.
A: This is the reason we always stress the use of rubber or plastic gloves when performing hair color or bleaching services on the hair. Since the skin's upper layers and the hair are comprised of the same building blocks - keratinized protein - the bleaching agents can react the same way in contact with both the skin and the hair.
This means that the melanin which gives the skin its color can be dispersed in the same way the color of the hair is dispersed by the bleach. This is especially true of skin that is tanned by exposure to the sun (therefore containing more melanin pigments).
In addition, the harsh chemicals of the hair bleach can damage the cells of the skin and result in a layer of chalky white discoloration, which is simply a layer of damaged skin. The skin may feel dry and sandpapery, and be tight and sometimes painful depending on how deep the damage goes.
The best course of action in treating the mildest cases is to use a gentle cleanser on the area and a good moisturizing lotion to keep the skin as moist as possible. Apart from that, use an exfoliating lotion to help remove the dead skin cells and simply wait while the skin regrows and heals itself. If you experience redness or other signs of irritation as a result of the bleach exposure, see your physician about treatment for chemical burns.
If your nails are discolored (chalky and white) as a result of bleach exposure, try using a clear nail polish to mask the discoloration, or cuticle oil to help restore moisture to the nail tissue.
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