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Color Hair After Cellophane Treatment

Q: Is it OK to color hair after a cellophane hair treatment? I have medium brown hair with highlights and yesterday did a Sebastian Color-shines Cellophane treatment in Mahogany, the treatment made the hair very shiny but way too red where I had the highlights, I would like to cancel this out by either adding another Sebastian Color-shines in Coffee Bean over it (dark brown) or coloring the entire hair dark brown (I did not like the highlights anyway), but I've heard that adding color to hair that has had a cellophane treatment will burn the hair. Is this true? Thanks in advance for the help!
A: The cellophane treatments are actually just semi-permanent color treatments that use colorless glossing agents to fill in the hair and give a shiny finish to the cuticle layer. Sometimes the "cellophane" treatment does include a "tint" which makes it a transparent color overlay on your existing color. This can create the "glinting" effect where the color shows up primarily as reflections of light in the surface of the hair.
Provided your hair is not damaged by previous chemical treatments, you should be fine to have another color treatment to subdue the undesired effects of the previous cellophane treatment. However, I urge you to consult your hairstylist about neutralizing the red you mention. Unless the "Coffee Bean" color has a green/drab base, it may not be sufficient to counter the red of the previous color. Color correction requires a bit of finesse and knowledge of color theory, so you want to make sure the stylist understands the reason for what you want so that he or she can advise you and make sure you get the results you desire.
It would not be out of the ordinary for the salon to request that you wait for one or two weeks between color services, mostly because the hair should never be subjected to even mild chemical services with any frequency. Demi-permanent treatments like cellophane treatments are much milder than lightening the hair, but can still take a toll on the hair if performed without consideration for the integrity of the hair.
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