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Scalp Treatment

Q: I am currently studying hairdressing, and I have to design a color and conditioning leaflet. I need information on what a scalp treatment is and how it helps the scalp. I know how to do one, just not what it does or if it's a liquid or a gel. Please reply as quickly as you can.
A: The specifics of a scalp treatment depend on what that scalp treatment is intended to do. If the "scalp treatment" is for dry scalp, then the treatment would consist of a conditioner (probably cream based), or a hot oil treatment and/or application of heat therapies.
If the treatment is designed to treat oily scalp or acne breakouts on the scalp, it may contain liquid astringents and/or medicated creams or cleansing agents to open blocked pores and promote circulation.
Most scalp treatments include scalp massage as well as some extended application of the necessary preparations, whether for conditioning dry scalps, or helping to remove excess oil and regulating oil production.
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