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Make Coarse Hair Soft

Q: Hi, I have coarse and wavy hair, what is the best product to put in it after shampooing and conditioning to make it soft and hold a curl?
A: Properly cleansed and conditioned hair should be soft and silky, so using the right shampoo and conditioner is important for the start. Look for shampoo and conditioner that specialize in smooth and sleek hair, which will help to soften the coarse hair and keep your waves frizz free.
In styling, if you want soft curls, as opposed to hard and sharply defined curls, try using a light spray gel or styling mousse. Using a mousse in combination with a roller set, will give you longer lasting curls that are soft and look very natural.
If you have access to a bonnet dryer and use a roller set, you can also simply use a spray-on leave-in conditioner to wrap the hair, and when dry, you will find the curls to be ultra soft. Just be sure to finish the drying cycle with a 5-10 minute cycle of cool air, which helps to firmly set the curl.
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