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Fine Hair & Body Perm

Q: I've always had fine hair and average length (shoulders). I tried something new and got a really short pixie cut. I love the healthy feeling of my short hair but now I feel like I want a new style. I wanted to grow out my hair long and possibly get a body perm. Do you think that's a good idea with my fine hair? I think it will give me body but it might damage my hair at the same time. Also what do you recommend in keeping my fine hair, looking full and healthy? THANK YOU!
A: As long as you select a qualified stylist, who in turn uses a permanent wave formula designed specifically for your hair type (one designed for fine hair and designed to be gentle), there is no reason why you should be afraid to have a body wave service performed on your hair.
One thing you might try during the period while your hair is growing out again is drying your hair with your head inverted. Use a spray-on hair gel on your towel-dried hair and comb it through with a wide-tooth comb. By drying your hair (be sure to use a diffuser attachment) with your head inverted you insure that your hair will dry with a maximum of lift and fullness. Focus on the scalp area of the hair first and return your head to an upright position as your hair becomes more and more dry.
Another recommendation for your fine hair as you grow out the length is to make sure you properly condition your hair every day. Give your hair deep-conditioning treatments with a protein-rich conditioner each week, and be sure to use a rinse-through or leave-in conditioner each day.
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