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Singed Hair

Q: What is your opinion on having your hair singed? I have had it done now a couple of times and I like the feel it gives to my hair. How often should I have it done, every time it is cut?
A: Well, as I understand it (and from the times I have seen it done), the process of singeing the hair is used to texturize the hair ends. The result is that the ends of the hair are tapered in a very organic fashion, leaving the hair feeling smooth on the ends.
In many cases, singeing has been used as a haircutting technique in and of itself. I have seen it used most among persons from Asian cultures. Provided that you don't find any problems arising from the technique as your hair re-grows, you should feel free to have the singeing done as often as you like (or as often as is recommended by the stylist performing the process).
I would caution you to make sure that the process is approved in your state and that there is some measure of regulation to ensure standards of safety and sanitation. I recommend contacting your State Board of Cosmetology (via the office of the Secretary of State) to make sure that their licensing and testing covers the technique of singeing, and that you aren't contributing to the violation of any laws in your region.
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