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Brush & Frizzy Uneven Hair

Q: Why is it that when after a day of washing my hair or so, I want to brush my hair but if my hair goes anywhere near the brush it's frizzy, uneven and no curls whatsoever? Why is it like this?
A: It sounds as though you have a problem with dryness and/or static causing frizz. I would recommend you use a rinse through conditioner after every shampoo, a deep conditioner once each week, and a leave-in spray conditioner every day. In addition, you should be using a smoothing or anti-frizz serum to help seal the cuticle layer and keep the hair smooth.
If you think the problem may be largely due to static, you can help combat the issue by using a light misting of hairspray on your hairbrush before brushing the hair. In addition, try keeping a wide-tooth comb on hand for touch-ups or use a "brush" that uses widely-spaced tines as opposed to bristles, as these generally create less static and put less varied-directional stress on the hair.
Just give your hair a little more attention and look for the potential causes of the hair's problems. Sometimes, environmental factors, such as sun, wind and climate controlled environments can lead to drying of the hair or generation of static charges.
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