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Frizzy & Puffy Hair When Drying Natural

Q: Why does my hair get frizzy and puffy when I let it dry down and natural, but it is much more sleek and shiny when I part it and put it in a loose ponytail making one long banana curl? What products have you found to work best? I use Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and Garnier Fructis Smoothing Milk, what should I really use?
A: What you are encountering is the hair's natural tendencies exerting themselves as it dries. When the hair is wavy, and has been shampooed, conditioned and allowed to dry loose, the hair is able to move and follow its natural wave as it dries. By confining the hair into a ponytail and allowing it to dry in that manner, you have the elastic of the ponytail holder and the other hair to keep the hairs in a conformed pattern as it dries. In other words, it cannot move around and exert its natural wave pattern.
The products you list - Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and Garnier Fructis Smoothing Milk - are great products and two that I have also used. And be sure to use these as directed. Try using the Garnier Smoothing Milk on your hair when wet (after towel drying) and comb it through with a wide-tooth comb. Then either dry the hair by leaving loose or confining it as you prefer. If you want to wear it loose, but find it still gets puffier than you want, use a small amount of the smoothing milk spread between your palms and fingers and run them through your hair to help smooth it more.
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