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Frizzing Hair

Q: I have very thick course wavy to curly hair that is becoming more difficult to manage as I get older. I use a semi-permanent color to disguise the grey. I use Pantene shampoo for dry hair and their triple amino instant repair treatment. I found their styling product, 'Style, frizz controlling straightening balm' very good but they have discontinued it. I am fed up with buying expensive products and serums that I use once and never again. Have you any suggestions?
A: While I have used and still do use many Pantene products, I can understand your frustration over finding a product you like and losing it to discontinuance, or trying a product that is expensive only to find it fails to satisfy. Using the Pantene shampoo and the Amino-treatment are great steps, but I hope you are using a good moisture-rich shampoo as well.
As we age, our skin and hair lose the ability to retain moisture as readily as when we were younger. This means that you will need to condition your hair more thoroughly than when you were younger.
Making sure to keep your hair well-moisturized and conditioned will help to alleviate many of the frizzing problems you may be having.
I personally recommend the Citre Shine product line (which I use in combination with many Pantene products because the fragrances are typically complimentary). They are reasonably priced and work well. The Glossing Pomade and the Spray Laminator are both excellent for helping to keep the hair looking shiny and under control. AND, both can be used to good effect with heat styling methods.
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