Hair Care Q&A (3)

Tools for hair care
Is it ok to use flat irons for the hair during pregnancy?
Is it possible to help dry damaged hair with a mixture including tequila?
Is it true that talcum powder is a good solution against greasy hair?
Is it true that your hair could be less damaged if you put olive oil in it to condition?
Is long hair less prone to getting oily?
Is over washing your hair possible?
I started taking medication and now my hair is lifeless. Is this the medication?
Is teasing your hair bad and will it make you lose your hair or cause split ends?
Is there a certain product to moisturize dry and frizzy hair?
Is there a product I can put in my hair that will make it smooth after it gets wet?
Is there a solution for my oily bangs?
Is there a way I can protect my hair from the chlorine when swimming?
Is there oil I can get for my hair to try to un-mat it?
Is there something like sun block for hair?
Is using a wide tooth comb really better for your hair?
Is wearing your hair in a ponytail bad for your hair?
Is wet hair more fragile than dry hair?
Knots in very curly shoulder length hair. How can I avoid them?
My bald head is too shiny. How can I make my scalp less shiny?
My daughter's hair has a green tint to it. What do you suggest?
My daughter's hair is dry and burnt when trying to make it straight and not greasy.
My grand-daughter's long hair is a clump of twisted & knotted hair after swimming.
My hair doesn't take to the relaxer. Is it over-processed?
My hair feels frizzy and dry after blow-drying.
My hair feels like straw. Is it because of the flat iron?
My hair frizzes when I towel dry it till it's damp. Should I use leave in conditioner?
My hair has always been straight, and all of a sudden it is kinky. Why?
My hair has turned very brassy due to all the iron in our hard well water.
My hair is all matted in the morning when I wake up. What should I do?
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