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Dry and Damaged Hair

Q: My question is as follows, I heard that by using a mixture of tequila, honey and shampoo, can help dry damaged hair. Is that true?
A: Personally, I wouldn't recommend using tequila, simply because of the strong alcohol content. Most hard liquors have at least 20% alcohol content, which would only serve to further strip the hair of oils and moisture. I think the principal behind the idea of using tequila stems from the use of beer in shampoo and for treating the hair. The problem is that using beer is only recommended for adding "body and shine" to the hair and would do nothing to help dry, damaged hair.
Honey does have moisturizing properties, as well as proteins to help smooth the cuticle layer. If you want a natural treatment for dry and damaged hair, I would suggest making a hair mask of honey (one-half cup), mashed bananas (one), and yogurt (one-half cup). Apply the mixture to hair that has been freshly-washed with baby shampoo (or a shampoo that is equally gentle) and towel-dried. Allow the mixture to remain on the hair for 20 minutes, and rinse the hair clean with cool water. Follow up with a cream rinse conditioner.
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