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Q: Is teasing your hair bad? Will it make you lose your hair or cause split ends or something?
A: As with any type of hair styling techniques, teasing can cause damage if done improperly or – more specifically – undone without proper care being taken. When teasing the hair to add volume, be sure to hold the hair very lightly and let the comb pull the strands down onto themselves. Don’t be too vigorous, or try to do too much at once. It’s better to be gentle and take a little longer than risk doing damage to the hair by being rough.
teased hair
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At the end of the day/evening, before turning in, be sure to comb/brush out the teasing – again gently – using a little detangling mist or spray laminator and working from the ends of the hair to the scalp. If you treat your hair the same way you would a favorite silk blouse (they are both animal-grown natural fibers of protein – amino acids) you will find it to be always in much better condition.
Failure to be gentle while teasing (and un-teasing) the hair can cause hair loss – by pulling the hair out of the scalp by the root. However, the split-ends that are so often feared, are usually caused by over-zealous brushing that whips at the ends of the hair strands, or when breakage occurs at a point along the hair shaft that is weaker.
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