Olive Oil to Condition Hair

Vatika olive oil for hair
Q: Is it true that your hair could be less damaged if you put olive oil to condition your hair? If not, then do you know any home remedies that I could use since I want a more organic approach?
A: There are a number of sources that proclaim Olive Oil as a hair repair solution. If the hair is dry, damaged, or simply stressed from styling or environmental exposure, olive oil can be used to nourish and restore moisture and condition to the hair.
You will want to apply the oil sparingly with the fingertips and fingers as opposed to simply immersing the hair in the oil. Once the hair has been coated with the oil, wrap your hair in a plastic cap and allow the oil to sit for 20-30 minutes then cleanse the hair with a gentle moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
Since you want an "organic" or "home remedy" solution, you might also try the classic trick of using mayonnaise as a cream rinse/conditioner for your hair. (This works for the same reason olive oil does, since mayonnaise is primarily a mixture of oil and eggs.)
You can also create a deep conditioning hair masque by combining honey, oatmeal, bananas and yogurt. The natural fruit acids are great for contracting the cuticle layer of her hair.
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