Bald Head Too Shiny

Man with a bald head
Photo: Spaxiax/Shutterstock
Q: My bald head is too shiny. How can I make my scalp less shiny?
A: When the hair is shed on the scalp or even when the head has been shaved smooth, the skin of the scalp takes on a taut, shiny appearance. This is largely due to the fact that the skin of the scalp is affected by gravity.
While the skin of the face and other body areas is generally attached to vertical planes, the skin of the scalp (and areas like the tops of the shoulders) is laid flat across the bones of the skull, and the weight of the skin itself draws the skin smooth and taut across the surface of the head. The musculature of the skull is very thin and provides little in the way of cushioning.
We've all known that as the skin is pulled taut it takes on a shinier look. This can increase in individuals who have oily skin. So, in order to minimize the shiny look make sure the skin is clean and excess oil is removed as often as possible.
If this still proves insufficient, consider using a matte/powder make-up to tone down the shine. You can even find make-up formulas that will help to control oil, but a great alternative is using translucent face powder.
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