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Green Tint

Q: Hello, my daughter's hair has a green tint to it. What do you suggest that we can do to get this green color from her hair? Yes she swims, (she is on a swim team).
A: This is a common problem, especially if the hair is lightened, or sun-bleached. The best course of action is to use a clarifying shampoo on the hair to help remove the deposits that cause the green tint, followed by a good moisture rich conditioner. It is also important to protect the hair, so using a swim cap would be another good measure to prevent the hair from worsening or becoming green again.
You can also visit your local beauty supply store to find specially formulated swimmers' shampoo and conditioner to help keep the hair healthy and the color true during swim season. These shampoos are designed to counter greening and protect the hair from the chemicals that cause it.
In some severe cases, when the hair won't respond to these shampoos and conditioners, you may want to consider a mild tinting service. Using a very light shade of a red based haircolor as a deposit-only formula (mixing one ounce of pale red-based hair color with one ounce of 10-volume peroxide developer and two ounces of conditioner) you can perform a corrective tint to counteract the green color.
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