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Oily Bangs

Q: My bangs (fringe) get oily easily. The funny thing is that only my bangs get oily. The rest of my hair is not greasy and I don't think it is a scalp problem. Is it possible that my bangs get oily because they are in contact with my forehead all the time? Can you offer any advice?
A: It's extremely likely that if you have an oily T-zone (oily areas across the forehead and down the line of the nose and chin) this oil is being absorbed by your hair and making the hair oily. It could also mean that the T-zone oiliness in your face extends up past your hairline from which the fringe grows.
The solution is to use an oil control product. If you are female, try oil control make-up or a benzoyl peroxide acne product which will help dry up the excess oil. For males, the acne cream works well in these cases.
Massage it just to the edge of the hair line. The peroxide could lighten the hair with prolonged exposure.
Of course, if you would rather not use the acne cream, or are on other medications that aren't compatible, there's a common product that can be used to good effect. That product is Witch Hazel. Use a cotton ball or cosmetic puff to apply the Witch Hazel liberally over the forehead and up into the scalp inside the hairline. It is a gentle astringent that will strip away the oil and help resolve your problem.
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