Feathered Look

Feathered back shoulder length blonde hair
Photo: Getty Images via Canva
Q: How do I curl my hair to make it feather back? I have mid-length hair that is layered.
A: Most of the styles that create a feathered look start with hair that is textured, either with the point cutting technique, or using a razor tool to give softer effects.
Mid-length, layered hair can generally be given a feathered effect using a blow-dryer and a round brush held vertically and used to create soft barrel-style curls on the sides of the head. Start with thin vertical slices of hair and work your way from back to front.
Some people find it easier to give the hair curl first, by using hot rollers with vertical placement or a curling iron to create vertically aligned curls, prior to brushing them out using a round brush.
The thing to remember is that the "feathered" look will be most effective when you use the right sized tool for your length of hair. The brush should be large enough that the hair will wind around the barrel only about one and one-half times, and the barrel of the curling iron or hot rollers used should allow the hair to be wound around them approximately two times.
When the hair is longer than this, you can still achieve a feathered look, but it will be a looser, more drooping "swag-like" look than the traditional feathering. Using a strong hold product can help to make the feathering hold better and easier to create and maintain.
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