High Forehead Hairstyle

Long hairstyle for a high forehead
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Q: I have a very high forehead with my hairline falling behind the side of my forehead a bit (so my forehead protrudes when viewed from the side). The texture of my hair is fine, but there's a lot of it and it has a very slight wave.
What to do? I have tried short (just below my ears), but then my head seems to look monstrous; then, when I grow it out one length, with slight layers at the bottom, the side profile looks awful because of the flat hair on the side/protruding monster head.
Do you have any advice? I permed it for 15 years and am now wearing it natural, which I think I like best. However, I miss the body that a nice wave would give. Help!

A: In the situation you describe, the key is going to be finding a hairstyle that helps to mask the imbalance between your forehead and the rest of your features and adds some volume to the sides to create a more oval appearance to the face. I highly recommend a style that has bangs to cover the forehead and minimize the height and prominence of the forehead.
Perhaps a long-layered hairstyle will help you add volume to the sides of your hair. The cut should frame the face with soft layers. The hair can then be styled with large rollers or a large barreled curling iron to give soft waves and fullness on the sides of your head. You mentioned enjoying the body you have when your hair was permed, but you didn't give any specific information about the kind of perm you used to wear.
Have you considered getting a body wave? Wrapping the hair on extralarge rods will give a little more waves to the hair and the extra body you desire, while leaving your hair with a more natural look.
A body wave will also make great use of the layers of the haircut above helping to build volume with less effort. Properly done, you could even have a style that gives you fullness and volume with just a little product and a diffused blow-dryer.
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