Hair Cutting Angles

Hair stylist cutting hair on stage
Q: Is there a certain angle I need to focus on when cutting hair?
A: Actually there are several angles you need to keep in mind when you are cutting the hair:
• The angle of the client's head, which should mostly be vertical.
• The angle of your body positioning in relation to your client's head. You should always be positioned so that the lengths of hair you are cutting are directly in front of you.
• The angle of elevation at which you hold the segment of hair you are cutting.
• The angle at which you are holding your shears as you make the cut.
You need to keep all of these in mind as shifts in these angles in the middle of a haircut can alter your results and leave your client with an uneven cut. If you’re lucky, the problem will be one portion is left too long – which you can correct without leaving your client unhappy.
haircut in progress
But you also run the equal risk of having the haircut be uneven as in being too short which can mean that the haircut will be shorter than desired when you finally even things out.
The angle you are probably most surprised at – that of the position of your body in relation to the client’s head – is important because it allows you to best see the other angles. This means that if your body is improperly positioned you will more easily make mistakes concerning he other angles and aspects of performing the cut.
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