Pointy Chin & Wide Forehead

Girl with a pointy chin
Photo: Vitchanan Photography/Shutterstock
Q: Hi. I have a heart-shaped face, but unfortunately, at my school we are not allowed to let our hair down or have bangs, etc. Bangs need to be pinned back or some girls slick them back.
I was wondering: how can I pull my hair back but take the attention away from my pointy chin and make my wide forehead appear narrower? Thanks.

A: It sounds to me like you need to speak with someone in authority who can advise you on the precise guidelines that must be followed for styling the hair as a female. With such severe restrictions as "no bangs" and "hair must be pulled back or worn up" the conformity of the look will be unflattering on some girls more than on others.
If the hair is simply meant to be kept out of the face so that it doesn't obscure the ability of teachers and administration to look into the students' eyes then there may be some room to play. However, if the restrictions are so specific that even shorter bangs (those that don't fall below the eyebrow) must be slicked or pinned back, then there may be nothing for it but to follow the school's rules.
One idea is to question the rules placed on those whose hair is too short to be pulled back? A chin-length layered cut could be the answer. If the hair is cut with choppy, box layering and a strong weight-line you can create some balance for a narrow chin by styling the ends to flip outward and could possibly keep your bangs also shorter and choppy to break up the forehead but keep the hair off the face.
Aside from that, I cannot think of more to suggest. These restrictions seem truly stringent and can possibly preclude any possibility of circumvention.
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