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How To Imitate Celebrity Looks (2)

Heather Graham
Heather’s hair is cut into a classic long-layered cut reminiscent of the big screen starlets of the late sixties and seventies. The top layers of the cut are kept exceptionally long and the lower layers are textured for smoothness.
Heidi Klum
While Heidi Klum, as a model, has had many, many different lengths of hair, she is shown here wearing her hair chest-length, or what would be called mid-back if viewed from behind.
Holland Taylor
The cut you see here is a modern twist on a traditional circle cut wherein the hair is shaped to more of an oval than a full circular style.
Justin Bieber
The hairstyle worn by Justin Bieber is a pretty straightforward cut/style. His hair is mostly-straight with a texture on the fine side of medium, and the cut is a variant of the old bowl-cut with feathered layers in the interior.
Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada is once again wearing her hair long. The hair is gathered from the upper half of the head and allowed to flow downward from the center back in smooth waves.
Jamie Lee Curtis
We’re taking a look at celebrity Jamie Lee Curtis who is probably best known for her gamine-short signature style.
Jessica Alba
Here we see Jessica with chocolate hair featuring some soft caramel highlights. The hairstyle itself is a shoulder-length layered haircut that is terrific with Jessica’s natural wave pattern.
Joshua Jackson
Joshua with a wild-and-wooly appearance. His untamed facial hair gives a rougher look to an otherwise “urban” hairstyle in the Faux Hawk.
Kimberly Caldwell
Her look is definitely soft and romantic. She brings to mind fresh-faced, girl-next-door beauty of Doris Day, mixed in with some of the sultry sensuality of Marilyn Monroe.
Marley Shelton
The strongest aspect of Marley Shelton's look is probably the balance of her features, she has an oval face, and although her forehead is a tab high, her eyes, nose and mouth appear well-proportioned.
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus has already got hair that many women three times her age would kill for. Her chestnut-colored tresses are styled in long, silken coils.
Nicole Kidman
Usually seen with past-the-shoulder curls, we see in the photo above a Nicole with her hair blown straight. The look is casual, but beautiful.
Patricia Arquette
Patricia Arquette is wearing her hair in a classic bob-with-bangs style. This is a style that is easy to maintain and can work well for a variety of face shapes
Stefanie Scott
Stefanie Scott is often seen wearing an accessory of some sort in her hair. She has been seen wearing wide, Alice-band accessories, as well as various styles of hair combs, barrettes and clips.
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