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Marley Shelton

As an actress, Marley Shelton has been the focus of many camera lenses during her career. The actress is perhaps best known for her roles in such films as "Pleasantville", "Bubble Boy", "Sin City" and "Grindhouse". Her looks lend credibility to the personas she portrays, whether it is that of fresh-faced innocent or femme fatale. Hers is a look that can easily dress "up" or "down" and still remain equally appealing.
The strongest aspect of her look is probably the balance of her features, she has an oval face, and although her forehead is a tab high, her eyes, nose and mouth appear well-proportioned. She has strong cheekbones as well, but they are balanced by a well-defined - but not angular - jaw line.
side view of Marley Shelton's haircut
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The Hair
Her fine-textured blonde hair is a classic Hollywood color, with myriad colors threaded throughout the strands. Shelton's locks have been seen with beachy curls and soft waves over the years, while shown here it is worn smooth and softly curved. The color breaks down thusly: The overall tone is a pale neutral-tone blonde at level 8 or 9, with some golden highlights at levels 9 and 10, and added low-lights in gold and neutral tones at color levels 6 and 7.
To achieve this medium long hairstyle, start with freshly washed hair, plied with a light styling product and blown out with a round, bristled brush. If desired (or needed) you can follow up using a flat iron and press the hair in thin slices, working from the bottom up. Be sure to hold the iron at an angle as the hair passes through, with a firm grasp on the closure. This helps to create the soft bend in the ends of the hair as you see it here.
The finish of the style is asymmetrical with a side parting and the dominant portion of the hair is allowed to curve across the top of the head and frame the right side of the face. On the passive side, the hair in the foreground is smoothed and tucked simply behind the ear (which allows the full display of her amber-colored drop earring).
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