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Joshua Jackson's Faux Hawk

Joshua Jackson Joshua Jackson is one of those actors that most people have seen and know, but few think of when listing celebrities. This is not because he isn't popular (fans of television's "Dawson's Creek" would be baying for blood should I try saying that) but because he seems too much the "boy next door" or "Joe Everyman" to be much of a "Star".
The Canadian born actor got his first big dose of public notability with Disney's "Mighty Ducks" trilogy. He later achieved teen-heartthrob status (in the shadow of James Vanderbeek) in television's Dawson's Creek and parleyed that success into leading roles in a number of feature films opposite some of his equally (and better) known peers: Urban Legend, Cruel Intentions, The Skulls, The Laramie Project, and many others.
The Cut:
Normally seen in a typically boy-next-door clean-cut look, the photo above (taken at the "Evening honoring The Laramie Project") shows Joshua with a more wild-and-wooly appearance. His untamed facial hair gives a rougher look to an otherwise "urban" hairstyle in the Faux Hawk.
faux hawk haircut diagram Joshua's hair is clipper cut short (between 1/4 and 1/2 inch) all over the head except for a strip down the center of the scalp approximately 2-3 inches wide. This strip of hair is either cut to a minimum length of 1-1/2 to 2 inches long or can be left at whatever length is desired. Joshua's hair is perfect for this cut. It is dense, thick and wavy which allows the "hawk" portion of the style to stand under much of its own strength.
The clippered portions of the head should be carefully edged at the hairline to create a clean and clearly-defined look. The longer strip of the faux hawk can be texturized as needed or desired by point-cutting or notching the ends of the hair to create a more interesting look and enable a spikier styling option should you wish it.
The Styling:
To create this look in your own hair, the cut is more than half the battle. The longer portion of the cut should be plied with product such as styling gel or mousse (depending on the level of hold you want and the texture of your hair) and blow-dried while being held up from the scalp to generate lift and help the hair to stand.
Once dried, if you wish to add some definition to the hair's texture, you can simply mist the hair lightly with water or hairspray and scrunch the ends a bit to compress them and create some definition. If you opted to texturize the center strip of hair, this can allow you to create a sharp spiky look in the style, or leave the ends softened to give a less punky appearance.
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