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Nicole Kidman's Long Blunt Cut

This Australian-born beauty with her strawberry blonde locks never fails to make an impression. Whether it's as the ill-fated beauty, Satine, in Moulin Rouge (where her hair was a richer red), or the glamorous starlet escaping paparazzi in the television ads for Chanel No. 5 (again as a blonde), Nicole is always a stunner.

Usually seen with past-the-shoulder curls, we see in the photo above a Nicole blown straight. The lovely lady was captured arriving at the UK premiere of the film, Happy Feet. Even without her usual soft, romantic curls, she looks amazing. The look is casual, but beautiful.
The Cut:
diagram for a long blunt hair cut Nicole's cut is pretty straightforward and simple. Blunt cut along the bottom sides and back using a razor to add texture, and a long fringe area that is rounded and given a soft texture. The cut is best executed by sectioning the hair, leaving down a half-inch perimeter in order to create the guides.
Determine your length in the back, and again in front by taking strands from each side of the face and bringing them together in the center front. Cut these strands as one in order to give an even length to each side. The fringe area should be cut to fall at the below the eyes, and curved downward from the center of the face. (Texturing the hair will shorten the fringe area further.)
Take down the sectioned hair in half-inch increments and cut the hair in a blunt cut. Be sure to denote a crescent area for the bangs and follow your initial guide in that area as well. Once the cut is complete, go back over the ends of the hair using a razor tool and soften the ends by gently shaving the lower two-to-three-inches of the hair.
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