Jaime Pressly Hairstyles

Jaime Pressly was born in the South, in Kinston, North Carolina, USA, on July 30, 1977, and is laying Joy in the sitcom called My Name is Earl on NBC.
  • Jaime Pressly wearing her hair up
  • Jaime Pressly with angled long hair
  • Jaime Pressly with long tapered hair
  • long hair for Jaime Pressly
  • undercut bob
  • Jaime Pressly wearing a fashionable bob
  • under chinline bob
  • Jaime Pressly's sleek blonde bob
  • hair tucked back and around the ears
  • medium length choppy haircut
  • Jaime Pressly with shaved hair
  • Jaime Pressly with her hair in a pixie

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Jaime's attractiveness is more than the twinkle in her eyes; it's the soft and sleek way she likes to wear her marvelous sun-bleached hair.
Whether it is short or long, this seems to be her stunning trademark throughout her career. A generous smile or a mysterious gaze captures the diversity of her personality.
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