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Chic Short Bob

Jaime Pressly is keeping her hair cut into a blunt bob (March 9th, 2009) and look how thick her hair looks! Remember, bobs are excellent for thin hair. The haircut will bring the illusion of having at least three to four times more thickness than what you normally portray. The cut will also feel thicker as well, when you run your hands through it.
This is a haircut to seriously think about. As we can see there are other ways to wear your hair besides along the face. Here Jamie is wearing her bangs off of her face and over to the side exposing her forehead. The sides are smoothly tucked back and around her ears. Very chic, to say the least.
Jaime Pressly with her hair in a chic short bob Jaime Pressly wearing her hair short and off her face Jaime Pressly wearing a stylish black shirt
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