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Jaime Pressly & Stacy Keibler

Jaime Pressly - 03/17/2009

Jaime Pressly's winsome blonde bob is sleekly combed over from the part and toward the face. On the other side, her hair is tucked to wrap around her ear with a display of bulk upon the ends. A refreshing response, to the edged cut of the bob is presented away from the face when the bob is normally closed in around the face.
Generously applied bronzing presents a tanned and healthy look. Wide blue eyes are defined with lighter shadows, light touches of eyeliner, mascara, a hint of pink on her cheeks and lips that extend a natural attractiveness. The large loopy earrings bring a striking artistic touch along with the black florets upon her netted dress.
Stacy Keibler - 03/17/2009

Few can match Stacy Keibler's personality as she presents her glory, in her face. Stacey has her hair tinted in a gold beige with lighter blonde slips throughout her hairstyle. Her jagged part gives us hints of a sharp definition to where she wanted her hair to arrive. There are smooth lines that come down and wind up in lengthy idyllic curls that are spread about her shoulders of blue.
Stacy keeps a genuine wholeness in her makeup, with brushes of bronze, light penciled filled brows, mascara, light shadow, eyeliner and a neutral lip color. Blue is a definite must for Stacey's flow with color, as it brings out her eyes.