Permanent Hair Straightening

Long straightened hair
Permanent hair straightening is an increasingly popular hair treatment and can be known under many different names such as thermal reconditioning, relaxers, Japanese hair straightening or even a straight perm. The effect at the end however is still the same, you have straight hair that you do not need to use straightening irons on and can literally wash and go like anyone with naturally straight hair might do.
It works by your hair being chemically treated in such a way that it loosens the Cystine bonds, and reshapes them with a flat iron (yes you are essentially ironing your hair) and then adding a bromide neutralisers in order to make it permanent. All the hair that has been treated will stay this way however any new growth will be unaffected by the treatment and will grow back in the same condition as your original hair. This can be quite nice for anyone wanting a bit of volume whilst maintaining predominantly straight hair.
With regrowth being unaffected if you want to maintain this look you will need to have touch ups every 4-8 months. The length of time between each touch up will be dependent on the time it takes for your hair to regrow. The first time you have the straightening done it may take between 2-8 hours depending on length and thickness of your hair.
Almost all hair types are suitable for permanent hair straightening, including coloured hair although it is not recommended that you undertake the treatment within 2 weeks after dyeing your hair and also not to add any dye until at least 2 weeks after. Highlighted hair however may not be suitable as it is considered damaged hair after the bleaching.
To achieve the best results it is also recommended that you do not wash your hair for 48 hours after receiving permanent hair straightening. It is also best not to tie it up or use any shape changing devices such as crimping irons within this time as well to avoid any damage to the treatment which might cause it not to look as straight.
Many people may consider permanent hair straightening but think their hair too much for the process to handle, however it has been seen that even some of the most curly and coarse hair can be treated this way with good results. Frizz free hair that does not need daily straightening could be just what you are looking for if your hair is a little unruly.
Permanent hair straightening is suitable for people of a wide range age group from anyone as young as 12 years old up to seniors, it may however be necessary for them to be accompanied by an adult as they are having a treatment that will have permanent effects on their appearance. Age may also affect the regrowth time and so you may need touch ups more or less often.
You may have seen that there are home treatment kits where you can create the same effect at home; there are pros and cons to using this kind of package each being different for each user. You may not have done any kind of permanent hair straightening treatment either on your own hair or someone else's and so you therefore risk things going wrong simply through lack of experience, it might not end up looking the way you intended it and there is also the chance of hair breaking off during the treatment if not done right.
It is often recommended that you go and see a professional who has a lot of experience in doing the treatments; no one wants to be party of someone's training and end up with damaged or missing hair. There is much less chance of problems with someone who is trained in permanent hair straightening than trying to attempt it yourself.
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