The Benefits of Layers

Short haircut with layers
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Q: A lot of modern hairstyles are layered. What are the benefits of layers? Why would I want layers instead of hair that is the same length all over?
A: The choice to have layered vs. unlayered hairstyles comes into play most often when dealing with different textures and wave patterns of hair.
If your hair is curly and coarse, then wearing it all one length likely means that your hair fans out from the top of your head and creates a triangle shaped silhouette (pyramid hair). By cutting the hair with layering, you help to remove bulk from the ends and evenly distribute the volume all over the head.
Layering also allows you to add volume to straighter hair types by making hairs at the top of the scalp shorter, you enable them to be styled with some lift and create fullness and longer-lasting curl and wave. With straighter hair types that are long, trying to create curl often ends up with the weight of the hair pulling the curl out and leaving the hair looking flat again, especially at the scalp.
Finally, having the option to use layering allows you to adapt your hairstyle to better flatter your face's shape. Being able to create volume in the hair and make the hairstyle wider and fuller on the sides, means that you can make a narrow face look more oval. Being able to add volume in the top of the hairstyle by creating layers means you can slenderize a round face.
It all depends on the needs of the individual. Layered hair may NOT be right for you if you have fine-textured and straight hair with an oval face. You should talk to your stylist about the needs of your particular hair and face and create a look together that will flatter you to the best potential.
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