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Have you ever wondered what type of hair and personality have to do with your overall image? I realize some of you would rather not know. But hey, listen up a little bit. I am sure you've seen the girl on television that whirls her hair around in slow motion. We sit on the couch, while her hair swirls around her body, literally making a blanket of breathtakingly beautiful hair, then, as we've become awestruck, under her spell, she lifts her hair up, as it casually falls, in slow motion again, in complete angelic seduction.
Everyone watching is hypnotized under the enchantment of her long, thick, lush hair. What makes the whole thing worse, is everyone knows someone who has hair like this woman. It is the long super straight hair. In fact, when this lady puts her hair up she would have to use copper wiring because hair bands are not strong enough. The round thickness of her ponytail is the circumference of your wrist. When you cut her hair once, you throw your scissors away, because that one single experience is comparable to a thousand of normal cuts. Men adore her, women hate her and hairdressers, take a drink and put support on their wrists when she walks through the door.
Hairstylist doing foils Then we have the woman who covets the above lady's hair, because she feels she only has three hairs on her head. Totally, a slight exaggeration, of course. She knows every hair product in the salon, in the drugstores and online, because her cupboard is filled with all of the products, that promise to make fat hair, and she uses all of them.
She has tried every style imaginable to give the illusion of having overweight hair, but always goes back to the old faithful, that she can work with and the one she gets the most compliments with. She has fine, thin hair and has continues to receive, her series of perms and tints that help give her the texture she can work with.
She wakes up with the flat head every morning and if she has a little age on her, and she has slept on her side, not only is her hair sticking to the side of her head, but her face is stuck into the position she was in all night. This is a sure sign, she had a good sound sleep.
She goes through the process of applying the crèmes and her make up for the day, but it usually takes the whole of the day, for her face to get back to where it is supposed to be. By the time she gets home from work, her hair has fallen and it's almost time to go to bed and begin the process all over again.
Another woman who is less than appreciated and everyone can thoroughly do with out, is the one who doesn't have to do anything to their hair, because she is constantly reminding you, of her naturally curly hair. You will be admiring her hair while you have lunch together and say something nice to her about how good it looks and she comes back with, "oh, does it look, ok? I completely forgot to comb it, when I left the house."
You've arrived at the decision, to commit the perfect crime, because, this has got to be justification for murdering your friend, right on the spot. How can someone's hair be like that, how can she look so perfect, without any preparation, being involved? When you mention how she got a haircut, she comes back with, "you like it? I did it myself!" Who needs a friend like that? Besides, I've noticed, sitting next to someone like that, makes most of us look bad, without even trying.
Who doesn't wonder about the lady who is a natural platinum blonde? What planet, did this breed come from, anyway? We know she is there, because we've seen her skiing on the slopes and wearing the latest fashions. She plays tennis and for goodness sake, still wears a bikini! Hairdressers stand amazed as they gaze over her head together, while lifting up her strands to hopefully find a place where it was touched up. Not so.
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