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How to avoid panty lines
Visible panty lines are one of the most dreaded fashion disasters in women’s dressing. Some undergarments and tips that will help you avoid panty lines.
How to buy the perfect swimwear
Sensible choice of colors, patterns and styles can make anyone look sexy in a bathing suit so the next time you go shopping, keep these tips in mind!
How to choose sunglasses to suit your face shape
Call it sunglasses, shades, goggles or even sunnies, it’s important you pick a fair that flatters your face.
How to find the perfect fitting bra
Whether you need to choose a bra to support, enhance, or minimize your bust, a perfect fit that supports your breast properly and keeps you comfortable is a must.
How to follow the dresscode
How will you know what to wear according to the dress code? Dress codes have always been an integral part of parties and social events and it is best to abide by them.
How to get rid of sock marks
A few ways by which you can get rid of sock marks and also prevent them from turning up.
How to give your wardrobe a makeover
A few simple tips on how to give your wardrobe a makeover without spending a whole lot of money. You don’t always need money to be fashionable but by simply recycling your old clothes and by using a little bit of imagination you can make your old wardrobe brand, spanking new.
How to mix and match clothing
The extent to which you can mix and match depends on the interchangeability of the various pieces of your clothing. So what this essentially means is that you need to plan your wardrobe in advance.
How to take care of your fashion
Taking care of your fashion, and storing it well is important because good care will ensure that you keep looking good always, and not just the first time you wear a new outfit.
How to tie a scarf
The basic scarf folds that can be applied to a number of uses as accessories.
Tips to wash your lingerie
Lingerie has always been one of the most important parts of a woman’s wardrobe. So, it is very important that you know how to take care of these delicate things.
Travel essentials: stylish must haves
Just because you’re traveling, doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy and out of style. If you’re a style diva, you must travel stylishly too.
Underwear Essentials
Underwear provides the right kind of look to our clothes. The different kinds of undergarments that should be in our underwear essential checklist.
7 things never to leave the house without
Women are famous for their bags and the number of things it can hold. But bags must be changed and some things must be left at home….so what are the few things a girl should always have with her?