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Underwear Essentials

Just the other day I was going through my closet to get something appropriate to wear underneath my tank top, when I realized how important and essential our underwear is. They provide the right kind of look to our clothes. Just imagine being stuck with only one kind which needs to be worn with all your dresses ranging from
t-shirts to gowns! Scary right?
Well, I thought it will be a good idea to list all the different kinds of undergarments that should be in our underwear essential checklist.
First I divided the essentials into three categories - Panties and Underpants, Bras, and Stockings. Let's go one by one and list out the essentials under these three categories.
I. Panties and Underpants
1. Briefs:
These are the most basic and give full coverage to your abdomen and buttock and also support them.
2. Boxers:
These are best worn when lounging or cleaning around the house. Topped with a T-shirt, it can make a comfortable night shirt as well. But these are not good for tight and slim fitting clothes.
3. Boy Shorts:
These go very well under tight fitting clothes and also provide full support to your abdomen and buttocks.
4. Thongs:
These are best worn under your pants as they don't show those embarrassing panty lines.
5. Bikini:
These panties serve two purposes - one as a swimwear with your bikini top and second to add sex appeal when you are out of water.
6. G-String:
To heighten your sex appeal for those special moments, add these to your wardrobe.
7. Girdle:
If you want to hide those bulges, a girdle is the best option.
II. Bras
1. Full Cup Bras
These give full support to full and heavy breasts.
2. Under Wire
These are best suited for women who have sagging and heavy breast. These help in pushing up the breast to give a good shape.
3. Demi
These are for women who have small breasts but the dress that they are going to wear demands a little cleavage.
4. Padded
If you are not well-endowed then you can enhance the size of your breast with these.
5. Water Bra
These are also for women who have a small breast size, the only difference being that the water bra feels much more natural than the padded bra.
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