How to Get Rid of Sock Marks

Photo: Evrymmnt/Shutterstock
How many times have you come across those annoying sock marks, which refuse to fade in time for you to flaunt your legs in those sexy sandals or that uber hot mini? Many occasions I suppose. And each time you have had to give up the minis or sandals that you had originally planned to wear and shift to wearing something that will help in hiding those marks.
Well don't worry any more as I have found some amazing ways to make you stick to your plans to flaunt your gorgeous legs, without those sock marks ruining your evening.
So here are a few ways by which you can get rid of sock marks and also prevent them from turning up.
Get Rid of Those Sock Marks
You have got those sock marks and need to get rid of them as soon as possible before you go out for the evening. Here are some wonder tips to make those marks disappear:
1. Directly applying protein on the sock marks helps to get rid of them. Crack an egg, extract the egg white and whip it up. Apply this directly on your sock marks. Leave it for a few minutes to dry and then wash it off.
2. Take a couple of Vitamin E capsules and open them to extract the oil. Apply this oil directly on your sock mark and rub it in gently. Vitamin E smoothes out the skin and lessens the lines and wrinkles on it.
3. Exfoliate the sock marks. Your moisturizing lotion and sugar can make a quick exfoliating and moisturizing scrub that will work wonders on your sock marks. Take a tablespoon of lotion in a bowl and add a tablespoon of sugar and mix it up to form a gritty paste. Apply this paste on the sock mark and gently rub it to exfoliate the area. Rinse it off with water and get a smoother appearance.
4. A quick hot shower will also do wonders on your sock marks. The moisture from the steam will ease out your sock marks and make them disappear. After you get out of the shower, take a towel and rub it vigorously on your sock marks to eliminate any remaining marks. Later rub in some moisturizer to smoothen the area.
Prevent Those Sock Marks
It is always better to try and prevent those sock marks. Follow the tips below to prevent those ugly marks to form on your legs:
1. Try using peds socks as they will leave lesser and coverable marks.
2. You can also wear ankle socks for the same effect.
3. If it looks okay on your dress, then fold the sock top down to your ankle. As your ankles will be thinner than your calves, there will be less visible sock marks.
4. If you have a planned outing, then remove your socks at least an hour before. This will give them time to fade out.
Now that you know how to get rid of sock marks, there is no need for you to shy away from those dresses and shoes that flaunt your legs.