How To Take Care Of Your Fashion

A bobbed woman who is taking care of her clothes
Photo: Shutterstock
Fashion is a lot of hard work. Not only do you have to work hard to take care of yourself, stay in shape and always be stylish…but you have to take care of the stuff that makes you fashionable too. I’m not making any sense right?
What I mean is, if you have to be fashionable in $300 Manolos, you also have to know that the Manolos need to be taken care of well. If you buy a $1500 Pashmina, you know you have to care for it and save it from the bugs who’d like to feed on them. Taking care of your fashion stuff is amazingly important.
If you’re a newbie to fashion care, here are a few tips to help you get started.
Regular Storage
If you’re going to store garments, use naphthalene balls or other fresheners to keep your stuff fresh. Clothes tend to smell musty if they’ve been stored away for too long. But the fresheners will keep them from smelling too bad. In fact, I chuck a few lavender freshening balls into my wardrobe as well…so my clothes always smell good.
Woolen Storage
Storing the woolies away can be so worrying because you know the moths might love feasting on your gorgeous Cashmere. There are several home remedies that can prevent this. A few dried chilies in the wardrobe is a common Indian method for storing the woolen garments.
A recommendation found in an Australian newspaper suggests that you should wrap your woolens in a plastic bag and leave them in a freezer for a couple of days. This kills the moths and any eggs they may have laid in your clothes, and making it safe for storage. Other fashionistas recommend horse chestnuts; dry cleaning; hand washing; garment bags and the like.
Shoe Care
Always remove dirt and mud from shoes as soon as you take them off. Letting them cake on your shoes can cause your beloved shoes to lose color or simply acquire a permanently dirty look. Also, store your shoes in a covered area as far as possible and the most precious ones of them all should be stored in boxes.
Washing Instructions
Basic care for clothes is always mentioned on its tag. Simply by reading these tags you’ll know whether or not to wash in warm water, wash separately, dry clean only etc. Different materials require different kinds of care, while colors should be washed separately too. Just follow the instructions and follow a basic washing discipline and your clothes will be fine.
Jewelry Care
You spend hundreds and thousands of dollars buying jewelry but do you really care for it? Taking good care of it will mean your jewelry will always have a great sheen to it. So if it’s silver jewelry, know that it is prone to oxidization in humid and polluted environments. When storing, wrap it up in tissue paper and if it gets too oxidized, get it cleaned every few months.
Also, never spray perfume on any jewelry…the alcohol in the perfume can cause your precious bling to lose color and go black. Never wear jewelry in the shower or while you’re swimming.
Last but not the least, always rub jewelry with soft cloth to clean it and store the more expensive pieces in different pouches to prevent scratching.
Bag Storage
Women have lots of handbags and we often forget about some of them. Just throwing them into the back of your wardrobe isn’t the best way to store them. The next time you want to use it, it might be so bent out of shape it could look terrible. If you’re not going to use bags for a while, stuff them with newspaper so it doesn’t lose shape. Also, to save them from dust, store them in plastic bags.
Taking care of your fashion, and storing it well is important because good care will ensure that you keep looking good always, and not just the first time you wear a new outfit. Take care of your fashion…it will take care of your style.