How to Give Your Wardrobe a Makeover

A woman and her wardrobe
Photo: George Rudy/Shutterstock
How many times have you opened your closet and found that you have nothing new to wear. Don’t worry! Here are a few simple tips on how to give your wardrobe a makeover without spending a whole lot of money.
You don’t always need money to be fashionable but by simply recycling your old clothes and by using a little bit of imagination you can make your old wardrobe brand, spanking new. Follow these few simple steps and you won’t have to worry about what to wear next time.
Take Time Out
Take some time out of your schedule to empty your closet or dresser. Sort out the clothes into different boxes. The clothes that you feel are old or don’t like wearing anymore – pile them into one single box. Separate them further and select the ones you would like to recycle.
Select clothes that are made of good material, have an excellent print quality or have at least something that you still like about them. Keep the rest of the clothes aside. Don’t throw them away just yet.
Be Creative
Find out how you can change the selected clothes into something even better than what they used to be. You can dye them to a different pattern or color. You can add some beautiful embroidery. Or maybe you can put in some beads or extra fabric or maybe trim or lengthen to give them that new look. You can also cut off the sleeves or shorten it.
If you have a pair of pants that fit perfectly in the waist but are just too short, crop them to mid-calf to make capris or mid-thigh to make shorts. Cut them about an inch lower than you actually want so that you have room to hem them. Capris are great to wear on warm summer days. You can also transfer beautiful images from your computer and iron them onto your old T-shirt.
Make Yourself Jewelry
You can make beads from polymer clay. You can get some from your local craft store. The clay can be baked in an oven for approximately 30 minutes. You can add a layer of gloss which is also available at craft stores. After baking and putting the gloss, let it dry for some time. Make the beads in different shapes, sizes and colors. String them together to make a bracelet or necklace.
Look for suggestions on the Internet or in fashion magazines. There are a lot of websites which give you good tips in recycling clothes and how you can do them yourself.
Learn to sew. If you don’t want to, try something different like using safety pins. You can also have a friend sew for you.
Recycling clothes not also saves a lot of money it can be a lot of fun too. Make that unique dress with your special touch and you are sure to earn a lot of compliments for being creative.
Sell or Exchange
Take the clothes you don’t want to recycle and sell them at a consignment clothing store and get cash or store credit for them. With store credit you can buy new clothes from the same store and save a lot of money. You can also exchange clothes with your friend so both of you have something new and different to wear.
A little creativity can go a long way in jazzing up that boring up old wardrobe. So…what are you going to give a new touch to today?