7 Things Never to Leave the House Without

A girl and her bag
Photo: Shutterstock
Women are famous for their bags and the number of things it can hold. We pile all our junk in and often don’t change bags for months because we’re too afraid of forgetting to carry something. After all, what happens if you forget your hair brush? Style crisis! But bags must be changed and some things must be left at home….so what are the few things a girl should always have with her?
• Your Makeup
Unfortunately we can’t carry all our beauty arsenal with us wherever we go! But every style conscious girl must have a makeup bag that’s stocked up on all the basics. Eyeliner, mascara, lipstick/ lip gloss, foundation and some face towels are enough for a daily make up bag. If you’ve used a particular shade of lipstick, don’t forget to carry that for touch ups during the day.
• Your Hairbrush
A makeup bag and a hairbrush are really important. I hate it when I forget one or the other. You never know when your hair decides to betray you and you might need emergency taming measures. The best way to do it is to usually brush it/comb it. Plus, if you’re heading out to a party straight from work, you need to let your hair down, brush it through and get in the party mode right? I for one, have a compact hairbrush I always leave in my bag so I don’t run the risk of forgetting!
• Your Deodorant
Yes, make up, hairbrush and deodorant. Forget the perfume if you must but its only the deodorant that will take away your sweaty smells. Heading to work after the gym? Surely you don’t want the hot coworker to think you have BO? Carry that deodorant…Always!
• Your Keys
Whether it’s your house, car, wardrobe or something else – everyone always has some keys they need to carry. So never leave the house without the keys. But instead of just carrying a bunch of boring keys, use a funky keychain that goes with your personality and projects your style statement. You could also use one of those key wallets so your keys aren’t always in sight. I heart the Louis Vuitton ones!
• Your Wallet
Obviously…you wouldn’t leave your house with money and your ID would you. Sadly, it’s not going to get you anywhere! But just carrying money isn’t good enough. You need a wallet that’s high on style, so that every time you whip it out to make a payment, everyone knows you take your style seriously.
• Your Cell Phone
Cell phone = life support system. So don’t leave the house without it. And if you’re truly a style diva, I would recommend getting a phone that isn’t so common and is something worthy of a diva. Good looking phones are always indicators of style quotient.
• A Plan, Confidence & A Smile
Most important of them all, when you leave the house…always have a plan. Know what you’re doing, where you’re going and why you’re leaving the house. A plan automatically makes you more confident and a confident woman is a sexy woman. And to complete your stylish look, I would say add a smile. A gorgeous smile turns heads like no other.
Read the list, then read it again. If you can’t remember it, tape it to your mirror because honey, you really don’t want to leave the house without these essentials do you now?